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No Second Prances screenshots

I love this episode so much. I just started taking screenshots and put them on tumblr...



I would post them here but LJ's picture import seems not to be working right now.

They were taken viewing Dailymotion on a Samsung Galaxy Tab so the resolution could be better but, too late! I want to get back into art so maybe I will make vectors of one or two of them. I love it that much.

All shipping/yuri is merely implied. :P
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Pinkie Pie & Monster High & Pinkie Pie

With Draculaura...

I love both of these lines but the EqG Minis are better sculpted, painted, don’t feel as hollow, are better in everyway etc etc… except not so good at not falling over! The Monster High chibis even use their hair as support.

With Klawdeen...Collapse )

Pinkie & Pinkie...

“Are you… me? What’s up with your hair? Is it made of bacon? Why are you so soft?”

This is when EqG Pinkie still had cake frosting in her eye! :P

The Funrise plush Pinkie was marked down to $0.60 after Easter! Target's crazy pricing haha.

Onward, my trusty steed!...Collapse )

And I got AJ and Twi from Amazon so now I have 4 EqG Minis...Collapse )
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I still love these dolls so much...

Target is still messing up the price but they are way cheaper on Amazon. Reviews say the limbs tend to come off though it seems it's because every reviewer bought them for their little girls. I think they're too fragile for little children. Also they are very hard to pose standing up without support since their heads are so big. Since the feet have peg holes in them, hasbro should have included little bases. Or they could have gone with poseable dolls with regular proportions or non-poseable chibis. Poseable or chibi, choose one, not both. Still, I love the quality and design (by one of the IDW Comics MLP artists) of these dolls.

Sitting...Collapse )

And here's Rarity...Collapse )

"Good Morning! Gimme dat Cheerio!"

'Welcome home! I totally did not just break your Game Boy!'Collapse )

Chimichangas and chocolateCollapse )

Ponies watching ponies...Collapse )

I have been otherwise occupied so I haven't seen any of the new season after the first episode!

And that is not how you eat a cupcake, Pinkie Pie!Collapse )
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War. War never changes.

No, Pinkie! You get away from that!

One of my friends is a big Fallout fan and wanted the replica mini-nuke but he has all the games. I don't have Fallout 3 or New Vegas (but already had the older ones as GOG downloads). So I got this off Amazon and gave him the nuke and kept the games which I'll be playing. The bomb is way bigger than I thought. It has to be because it holds all the game DVDs. It has a space in the inner box and a folder for Fallout 4 when I get it. The bomb is plastic but really well painted and it plays the Fat Man sound effect from the game. I'd rather have not used flash but we shot these in the basement and it was a bit dark...

More pictures of the packaging and Ponka...Collapse )
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